O wrażeniach z wymiany młodzieżowej na farmie permakulturowej we Włoszech


Zastanawiałe/aś się kiedyś co ludzie robią na wymianach młodzieżowych i co na nich zyskują? A co jeśli wymiana odbywa się na permakulturowej farmie? Zobaczcie co o wymianie „Building your green future” we Włoszech mówią uczestnicy!

Uczestnicy wymiany „Building your green future”, fot. Gaia Terra


This is an incredibly valuable experience for me. I am grateful to everyone who participated in the reproduction of this project. I am grateful that you shared your experience and taught us to approach consumption more consciously.

What I liked most about this project is the people. Talented, sincere, open, benevolent, it is a pity that having a language barrier I could not feel this atmosphere completely.

It’s worth it, I experienced incredible emotions while staying in Gaia Terra.


I was lucky enough to get into Gaia Terra for a sufficient period of time to understand the essence of this place. To understand the people who live there, to understand why people put themselves in such conditions. At first it seemed strange to me to live in a commune, to work for free, not to receive many benefits of civilization. It would seem why? But then getting to know these people better, I realized that they like the atmosphere of life free from banal problems. You can understand why people give up life in the city and move out of town to live in a slightly primitive environment. If I had some kind of crisis in my life from which I would not see a way out, I would try this experience, start life from scratch with strangers. The only problem with living without money is that if you get sick, you will most likely have problems. I was also wondering how to live more sustainably, as it worries me. I realized that it is impossible to live in harmony with nature according to the rules of nature. The whole history of mankind is a struggle with nature, any of our comfort is the destruction of nature. I realized that the only hope for science is that scientists will invent something so that we would not destroy the planet so quickly. But most likely at the level of humanity it is impossible to build a system where everyone will live sustainably and sooner or later either we or nature will remain. It remains to console myself with the fact that I am making a big contribution, I am less toxic to the environment, but it seems to me an illusion and a reason to feel a little better than others. The food was delicious, the administration of the settlement is very polite and beyond praise. The students were good too. Thanks to everyone who had a hand in our trip, I hope to see everyone again, at least once.


This experience was something completely new for me. Communicating with new and completely different people, I got a lot of new emotions and answered many questions for myself. I have always understood why nature is important to us and why we should live in harmony with it, but still, I could not understand whether there is a global meaning in this. After all, we are only people, and if I and a few other conscious people will change something, will it really change something for the planet? But the atmosphere of this place and amazing people helped me to answer this question. Everything starts with me, and with everyone. Probably most people think that nothing depends on them, but this is absolutely not the case. If everyone will do their little thing and treat nature responsibly, protect the planet’s resources and know why they are doing it, then there will only be more such people. There is a chance that with time, most people will understand how important it is, and therefore we will be able to extend the life of our planet. I am grateful to every person I met in Gaia Terra, for conversations, for support, for questions, for understanding, for fun, for peace, for fulfillment. I hope we will meet again someday.


this over a week long adventure gave me a lot to think about what our world looks like and what we strive for. A week with people I didn’t know before was something new and I learned a lot because each of us is different, we have different talents, personalities and values ​​in life. In this project I learned a lot how important it is to listen to other people, support each other and work together. The lifestyle in gaiaterra is amazing and noteworthy that you can live in harmony with nature, which I like very much, but it’s hard to make so many changes at once, so when I came back I made some changes to my daily life I try not to use so much chemistry in home and meat consumption reduction may not be much, but there is always something. I have good memories of that time and I am glad that I had the opportunity.

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